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SUSH01 – One Token Left Before We Met EP – OUT NOW!!!!

The “Before We Met EP” includes four tripped out, minimal Techno tracks. The main track “Before We Met” is a dry and freaky techno record, hard, insane and clever and at the same time a new style of techno “smart music”. The Oliver Hacke remix takes this EP to a more mellow side and creates a new project that will rock any dance floor! On the record two more Techno tracks, “Back at square one” and “Coffee Shop”, they present the more minimalistic and technic side of OTL. Coffee Shop is another great minimal track that will be a good bedrock to build the atmospheric in the air. “Back at square one” is another loop from OTL live show. Freaky in the club and a good DJ Tool.

Sushitech Purple:-

SUSHP01 – DaFluke – Glances And Stares EP – OUT NOW!!!

“I guess I would have to say that this EP is all about trying to be fun and odd. The point was to make tracks that would make people want to move without resorting to house/techno. I wish is the perfect example. “Hotboyz” is more clubby and energized, almost hyperactive. “Jazzou” was a track done in 2 hours, just to test some ideas out it is a mish mash of ideas. “Fuck Dears” is unlike my usual stuff. It’s an ODE to Matthew Dear. He clearly came out of nowhere and presented people with some amazing new/fresh beats. Everyone was talking about him in 2003, and out of frustration of hearing about him all the time, I made this track. Turns out its not really like him, but he’s the reason I made it.”



SUSH02 – Hake Lavasu – Various Artists – 01 March 2006!!!

The second release on the label presents the more minimal/experimental way on the project. It`s a V/A record that combines tracks from artists like Molair, Arnaud Le Texier, Yossi ämoyal, Daniel Fritschi and Autómata. The first track was written by a new group from Northern France called Molair. Bern (Traum Schallplatten/Underline) and Tez start with a very solid, minimal and atmospheric track that also feels very sensual. On the a2 Arnaud Le Texier and Yossi ämoyal present another ambient project from their new hypnotic deep style that already got attention from their first tracks on Safari Electronique. On the flip Daniel Fritschi of Level recordings present the “Interposition” a very smart, deep logic track that flow with synth chords and deep beats all over the way. Post-IDM and minimal textures is the best words to describe the last track on the vinyl, smart, crispy and crunchy beats that flow on the very deep backround sounds made with pads work and lot of soul. a short outro wrote by Yossi ämoyal also placed on this vinyl. That’s in goal to make this vinyl be effective on the more atmospheric moments at the club and for home listening and relaxed deep minimal sets as one. Hake Lavasu and Logic Music by Sushitech.

Sushitech Purple:-

SUSHP02 – Phil Stumf / Reynold – 20 March 2006!!!

Phil Stumpf and Reynold work under the Duplex 100 project together to present a new record on Sushitech Purple, this time each in his own way. The A side belongs to Phil and is more dark and groovy with the tracks “Eleven” and “Junior Warp”. Phil shows some excellent, lush synth work, Warm pads and drivin’ friendly beats will be brilliant bedrocks for deep minimal techno sets. Sam AKA Reynold presents “For House” on the B side; minimal dubby house that has a lot of emotion and feeling. With a remix made by Magda (Minus) this record becomes more various and creative and gives the player more mind in the music. Minimalistic music by Sushitech Purple.


Sushitech enters the digital world with a Franco Cangelli release, recently featured in the Kompakt newsletter FRANCO CANGELLI should better watch out where he puts his glass and who he´s hanging out with. Because it´s not cool at all to have SOMETHING IN MY DRINK at least when you didn´t put it there by yourself… Also musically spoken, our friend Cangelli seems to be into the slightly benumbed side of minimal. Expect some mind-expanding stuff here…”

All of the Sushitech releases can be purchased via the Kompakt website.


Some Sushitech mixes worth downloading!

DaFluke – Live @ Mutek 05 - Live@Mutek05.mp3
Franco Cangelli – Holographic Pleasure
Miss Fitz – Deathofcool


“Sushitech, 2006 and a mammoth netrelease from the fresh and promising project based in London. The split release delivers 7 tracks on Sushitech and 7 tracks on sublabel Sushitech Purple and is titled the “err9r” project. Sushitech and Sushitech Purple categorized without categorization and thus “err9r”, Sushitech with it’s deep and relaxing anthems to sooth you on your way and Sushitech Purple with it’s house and groove driven sound.

Minlove Release –