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Gumption002: Diminuendo / Yanderling

What better way to start the New Year than with a fresh new artist – London based producer and DJ Ed Davenport.
Edís been making an impact on the UK Ďminimalí scene for a while now and these two tracks should go a long way towards cementing his reputation as one of the more promising emerging producers around.

Whereas Gumption 001 was all about slowly turning up the pressure before driving the dance floor to distraction, Ed adopts a different yet equally effective approach on Gumption 002, dropping the tempo, working the space behind the grooves and utilising his arrangement skills to deliver two emotionally contrasting rides.

In fact on Diminuendo, he unravels the track so completely he almost flatlines, stripping away the layers until all that remains is the pulsing bass line that works so effectively as the central focus of the track (donít you just love a good breakdown?).
Itís a dark, bass heavy journey full of intricate percussive effects and subliminal rushes. Urgent yet sparse, it offers the DJ maximum flexibility both as an individual track (like a film that needs several viewings to fully appreciate the complex narrative) and as a mixing tool.
At nearly ten minutes there are enough twists and turns, peaks and troughs, shifts and shakes to really get your hands dirty with this one.

The flipside contains Yanderling and highlights Edís musical sensibilities. Itís a long, drifting, mellow groove full of chugging percussion with a timeless hook line that ebbs and flows throughout. Reminiscent of Model 500, Eddie ĎFlashiní Fowlkes, even early Villalobos, itís one of those tracks that needs to be heard at the end of a dark night just as the sun breaks out from behind the clouds to warm your soul. Now take into consideration that Ed is only 20. Nuff said.