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Frivolous launches D.I.Y. think forum

January 19th, 2005

SUBJECT: January 23nd Frivolous launches D.I.Y. Think Forum

Frivolous is the guise of Canadian producer Daniel Gardner, a name heard frequently on the tongues of the electronic music community the world over. In an industry so consistently ‘post-everything’ that it has fallen into a cycle, Daniel has achieved innovative result with his prolific contributions to music without boundaries. With over 25* releases to his credit, Daniel describes his vocation as “A never-ending sociological experiment into the perception of sound”. Now Frivolous unveils the next phase, and his contribution to a concept in utero.

DIY. Circulating as an abbreviation for “DO IT YOUR-SELF” and increasingly more common to hear in the Indi scene, the term DIY has been used to modestly describe the administrative side (or lackthere-of) of basement labels, garage distributors and consignment type “record deals”. With the release of his long awaited home-page,, Daniel introduces a different DIY philosophy to the procedures and esthetic of sound sculpture. Contained within this online epilogue (Designed by Daniel, built by de:bug’s Moritz Metz), Daniel closely examines the
relationship between the process and the result of creating music with computers. The diaries describe the mental hurtles he faced in recognizing the importance of process and result equally. They speak of Daniel’s inspiration to liberate emotions with digital tools, and discard the precision and mechanical restraint by which they are usually characterized.

“By recognizing the importance of process, finding sound all around us, and attempting not to rub-out every blemish left by the footprints of the creative-process, we can only imagine the
infinite possibilities for music to come.”

Encouraging dialogue and contributions by the global electronic community, Daniel gets the ball rolling on January 23rd with his own personal observations which can be found right along side
the majority of his recorded works for download.

  • including compilations and apperances