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Håkan Lidbo – Baby, let me be the pig tonight EP – out now!! After a quite long delay we finally have Mitek10 out, an ultra cool EP by mr. Håkan Lidbo.

Håkan Lidbo returns to Mitek with a foretaste of his new album coming in 2006. “Baby, let me be the pig tonight”: the title describes it well, here we have music to be played very late
in the early morning .. These are by far the most powerful, funky and inspired club tracks we have heard from Håkan in a long time—we just had to get them out on vinyl. This EP forms a convincing counterpart to his earlier mitek release “06.10.60”, which was more like music for the living room (or bedroom) DJ, minimal and crisp, with layers of tiny sounds and glitches atop each other … This is the next step: just as rich in detail, just as virtuously arranged—but aiming directly for the dancefloor This time.


A1. Baby, let me be the pig tonight, 05:28
The Ep hits it off directly from the start with an elaborate and catchy synth, floating all through the track, suspended between a straight kick and funky baselines .. sweaty and maximal – minimal…

A2. Cairo quickstep, 05:55
...To be followed with a soft, punchy and funky base-kick, floating around together with crisp hi-hats, sneaking into a deep quirky baseline, before it takes off.

B1. Botox beauties, 07:51
A bit deeper, building up an intense groove into a frenzy.

B2. Squid salad, 05:02
The final track is also the most minimal and deep, playing around with a groovy rythm segment, a bit more freaky but also the most playful one, adding deep pads and nice glitches to finish off the record in a good mood.

Håkan Lidbo is undoubtedly one of the world’s most prolific producers with countless records on a wide variety of labels and styles. From Tech-house on Pokerflat, to Electro on Raygun to minimal tech-house on Mitek. He even had tracks competing in the Swedish qualification for the eurovision song contest!! Last year he became a father so the work flow has slowed down a bit, but somehow he still finds the time to work on small masterpieces
like this one.

The new single “Planet Dada” by Swiss cult-duo Yello is produced by him. He has remixed artists like Kool Kieth, Ashley Beedle, Si Begg, Sophie Ellis Bexter, Tube Jerk, Ennio Morricone, John Selway and Fatboy Slim.

more infos and pre-listen here

3. New releases by mitek artists.

Mikael Stavöstrand has two collaborative releases out…

1. LUUS – AUTUMN EDITION PART 2 EP (Stavöstrand & Johan Fotmeijer) Gastspiel recordings, Gsp1-2


A1 Jungle rumble
B1 Spaceraver a gogo
B2 Sneaker

Listen here

Listed at no 6 in the December De-Bug chart.

Our forests are already coloured, the red leafs are falling to the ground and the wind is blowing cooler. It’s time for some music warming you up, to take you over the autumn and the winter.
After the first part of our autumn edition with DNCN the second one dispute 2 true greatness of swedish minimalism, Mikael Stavöstrand and Johan Fotmeijer. Since years both are well known for their releases on labels like Contexterrior, gastspiel recordings Force Inc, Boxer, Shitkatapult, Echochord, Textone, Thinner, Mille Plateaux and No Type; Stavöstrand especially for his productions on Force Inc. and Contexterrior as well as Skugge&Stavöstrand on Onitor and Tic Tac Toe, Fotmeijer with his releases on Boxer and on italic and Resopal as Televerket.

Together as Luus, their new project, Mikael and Johan enrich us with 3 vibrant club tracks making the cold autumn sweeter. On the A side we meet profound epic minimalism with lot of warmth and a big portion of groove. The B1 track spaceraver a gogo makes his name all honour and delivers peaktime minimal techno with scraps of vocals and a raving melody bringing every floor to a boil. Finally there rings out Tech-House with bleep melodies, deep vocals and abundant works of effects disguised as B2.

2. Skugge&Stavöstrand – Disco EP
Budenzauber 002


A1 Beautiful Discosuperstar
B1 Moscow Sidesteppin
B2 Medean

Listen here

After the great start of the budenzauber label with Ali Khan there are now following 2 artists who can be confidently entitled as the guardians of minimal Swedish techno. Together as Skugge & Stavöstrand, Johan (Skugge) and Mikael (Stavöstrand ) show us again the unexpected. Both are well known from their releases on Onitor, Defrag Sound Processing, Tic Tac Toe, Mille Plateaux, Force Inc, Textone, Contexterrior, Source, Thinner and of course on their own label Mitek.

Their manner to avoid traditional structures and discosuperstar thus constantly building a pulsating scaffold of sounds with little changes and developments in sound and rhythm is almost unique. Thereby they aspire a new life in electronic music and take the November 2005 listeners to higher and unexpected level. That’s why they are said to have a not existing attraction to the floor but there’s nothing to notice on this release.

The A side is a pure ear candy with a sweeping constantly changing melody,a lot of groove and breathtaking vocals.
On the flipside the tracks appears more subtle and deeper as 2 hypnotic grooves.
The record is already played by Djs like Mathias Kaden, Wighnomy Brothers, Cio d’Or and James Holden. So it’s definitely a must have opus for the next months.

4. Mikael Stavöstrand makes music for Danceperformance C&C (Stockholm 1-3.12, Berlin 7-9.12)

Please come and check it out if you’re in the area, for the Stockholm performance we have an amount of discounted tickets, please get in touch and we can organize one for you..


UnstableSocietyOfFlexibleProduction USOFP presents:
C&C etc

(c) Werner Hirsch

“C&C etc” is a performance that unfolds a caleidoscopic world of
movement, image, text and sound.

A bundle of events paint a landscape through which the audience can navigate and create pathways according to their own interest and perspectives. It s a performance that sets out to vibrate in the conjunction of form and narrative, documentation and fiction, conditions and product, the specific and the general. It attempts to embrace different aspects of movementproduction, not in order to reveal the underlying structures, but as material to build narratives of connections.
Perhaps it can be compared to a walk in the medina of Fès, where every moment and place is fully present, while the general perspective and sense of orientation constantly slips away. You always end up somewhere, but you don t know quite how you got there, and the way back is almost always another than the way out.

A performance by UnstableSocietyOfFlexibleProduction USOFP – in this formation consisting of: Alexandre Roccoli, Malena Modéer, Mart Kangro, Michael Walter, Mikael Stavöstrand, Oded Huberman, Oliver Szyza, Susanne Berggren, Ulrika Wedin, Ulrike Steinbrenner, Werner Hirsch “C&C etc” is supported by Konstnärsnämnden and Kulturrådet, Stockholm, Tanzfabrik Berlin, PACT Zollverein, Essen, danceWEB- Europe, Europe and Kanuti Gildi Saal, Tallin.

1 – 2 December at 19h, 3 December at 18h Kulturhuset Stockholm

Sergels torg 3 / 10327 Stockholm / +46 (0)8 50 62 02 00

7 – 9 December at 20h HAU 3 – HEBBEL AM UFER Berlin

Tempelhofer Ufer 10 / 10963 Berlin / +49 (0)30 25 90 04 27

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