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Hello everyone! Here’s some news for you regarding Archipel.

I. [Arch034] “24 Hour Conspiracy People”
II. [archpl007] “En légère Suspension Remixes vol 1”
III. Pheek interview on Flasher

I. [Arch034] “24 Hour Conspiracy People”
Vincent Casanova
Cat. Arch034
Format: wav, mp3

Vincent Casanova already has steadily growing discography and has released on labels such as EpsilonLab and Subtropical. He has already remixed Liebe ist Cool’s “OK!” on Archipel and with that we are pleased to present his solid solo release “24 Hour Conspiracy People”.

“Breezy” is a bouncy, fun number full of skittering percussion and pseudo-chromatic melodies which proves the urge to move can be quite hard to resist.”Graveyard Romance” is a very elastic and almost new wave inspired piece of bubbly digital pleasantry. “Just Bumping” is a fairly self explanatory title for a track which is definitely bumping and full of sliding psyched out stretches and hypnagogic vocals.

“Lotus” continues driving on a very bumping road with retrosonic sprinkles spread all over. Like Graveyard Romance, “Travelling with Felix” is another melodic piece with dreamy, mellow sensibilities and an a contorting acid line to smile with, while “We Miss You Kurt” is just as mellow but more stripped down and loaded with elastic funk.

You can read an interview with Vincent here

II. [archpl007] “En légère Suspension Remixes vol 1”
Pheek, remixed by Tim Xavier, Mathias Kaden, Butane, Alka_rex, Sul.a
Cat. Archpl007
Format: 12”, mp3, wav

With Labelboss Pheek’s album “En Légère Suspension” being loved by many for its eloquent detailing and organic, electronic psychedelia, we are happy to bring you a collection of remixes of select tracks from the album. For the remixing purposes, Archipel called two favorites to compile a colourful mix between warm afterhours and peak time music.

“Aye Aya Ashawa” gets treated by Mathias Kaden and molded into an exotic, humid cloud of hypnotic, densely layered quasi-tribal percussion with the original vocal presenting itself in a very visual hypnagogic manner The excellently driving and hypnotic “Orage Solaire” gets put through the wringer by Tim Xavier who highlights the hypnotic nature of the original and darkens the tone a little more into a jittering, pulsing aural storm.

Bonus remixes available online includes 3 more tracks. Butane’s “6AM Remix” of “5AM” is an excursion into an atmosphere of swirling funk and acidic sweeps set to infect and twist numerous minds.

Alka Rex’s remix of “Can” is a deep, dark and heavy low-slung spiral of psychotropic thought coiling and knotting itself perpetually through an ocean of low end frequencies. Sul.a retouches title track “En Légère Suspension” with a shimmering, fuzzy brushstroke which takes on dreamy and almost Sigur Rósian tendencies of light, glittering bitcrushed and stuttering samples.

III. Pheek interview on Flasher

Pheek got interviewed by online magazine Flasher, from UK. You can watch it here