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Foundsound / Unfoundsound Feb news

((( 1 ))) out now, foundsound 12 12’’: fusiphorm – yourspace ep
((( 2 ))) release of unfoundsound 28 (by ben parris), free digital release
((( 3 ))) still available, foundsound11 12: ben parris – the dumbest ep ever
((( 4 ))) out next, someone else’s debut album + a single with a josh wink remix

((( 1 ))) out now, foundsound 12 12’’: fusiphormyourspace ep

after the foundsound cofounder garnered heaps of hype with his 2006 release (_you am i ep_) on foundsound, fusiphorm went on to do a few other eccentrically heady eps and remixes for labels like plong!, sushitech purple and tic tac toe. now the frenchman is back with his second foundsound release, yourspace ep. this time around, fusiphorm presents an even more sophisticated approach to minimal dance music with three tracks of stripped-down rhythms, snappy percussion and playful field recordings. remember, kids! fusiphorm hates myspace! so hit him up on myspace and tell him how much you love his yourspace ep. and then stick your finger up his butt.

((( 2 ))) release of unfoundsound 28 (by ben parris), free digital release

following up his two foundsound eps, foundsound’s own ben parris drops his debut net release on unfoundsound, titled english dictionary ep—a five-track masterpiece featuring remixes by seph and seth troxler feat. john clees. the ep commences with “desktop willage”—a deep, quirky, sub-bassy afterhours gem with playful field recordings and a solid groove. then you get “breakfast for thorialanus”—a clunky, unsettling collage with a chugging groove fueled by goofy sine waves and gritty found sounds that’ll drive your dancing body into psychotropic oblivion. thirdly, you get “chris needs a nickname”—a minimal dancefloor burner that slowly builds as the track progresses, while boinking with circus-like quirkiness, shuffly percussion, and a splattering mess of found sounds and effects. then detroit’s seth troxler alongside john clees of tesh club fame transform “breakfast for thorialanus” into a deep, heady, gut-wrenching afterhours number fueled by a low, sinister speak
ing voice, profound synth-sweeps, and a shuffly, gentle groove. the ep ends with a rework of “chris needs a nickname” courtesy of seph from buenos aires—transforming it into a funky minimal breakbeat jammy-jam driven by water drop-like percussion, tasteful reverbs, an alluring breakdown and a wah-wah-wonderful electro-style bassline. eat it all up, and never ever poop it out. ever!

((( 3 ))) still available, foundsound11: ben parristhe dumbest ep ever

after garnering plenty of hype with his 2005 debut release (double wimpfighter ep) on foundsound, baltimore’s ben parris returns with even more sophistication, more pizzazz, more wit, and an avant-garde sense of slapstick playfulness. plus you get a deep, heady, loopy remix by butane of alphahouse fame. so, indeed! welcome the dumbest ep ever with open arms, and become just as dumb as ben parris (and the rest of us asswipes).

((( 4 ))) out next, someone else’s debut album + a single with a josh wink remix

we won’t tell you anything about this yet, it’s all secret!!!! okok, if you insist… before we release someone else’s debut album (*someone else* – pen caps and colored pencils) on cd and 2×12’’, here is the single, which will be released on april 16:

[foundsound 13] someone elselowdown brittle ep