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Metroline Ltd 001

artist: Audio Dependent
title: Dislocated EP
label: Metroline Limited
catalogue number: MLTD001D
release date: 19/02/2007

Audio Dependent is the musical alter-ego of London based audio-visual artist, Tim Cowie. Tim began making electronic music when he first had access to a computer and his musical style has evolved over the years from electronica to breakbeat, dubstep and most recently, minimal techno. He fuses a wide range of musical influences to create a sound of unique depth, atmosphere and rhythm. Over the past year Tim has been gaining a reputation for his live performances, with his melodic style entertaining the mind as much as the feet. Disclocated EP is Audio Dependent debut for Metroline Limited. The four tracks EP kicks off with SAVED BY AL. The track starts with a straight 4×4 kick and gradually develops into a texture pulse of tone and rhythm with a clever use of hats, clipped snares, bouncing bleeps and an infectious bassline. The second track, G&T, effortlessly brings together minimal techno, house and electro influences. The track’s major hook is a rasping rhythm with a continuously shifting tone. The beat seems incidental as the track is driven by layers of electronic bleeps and rhythmic bass. A head-nodding addictive monster! With BUMP, the third track of the EP, Audio Dependent uses a bouncy bongo rhythm to introduce the frenetic bass and a kick that puts everything into place. A sudden shift of mood is started by an echoing synth that fades in taking us to a disorientating breakdown before everything locks back into beat and things turn chaotic. The closing track, NIGHT HIKER, demonstrates a fine balance between progressive, emotive electronics and down-right funky dance music. The intensely catchy bassline is offset by haunting synth pads and a relentlessly sinister beat. As the track progressess, the bass and synths continually build, adding to the tension. These components are brought together with elements of echo and reverb to form an expansive and captivating sound.



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