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Sunset Diskos

Sunset Diskos, is a new Deep and funky minimal techno label from Mikael Stavöstrand.

And we hit it on directly with a dark twister from the label owner
himself. Mikael Stavöstrand explores his deeper and melancholic sides, with a strong sensitivity for groove and melodies.

Artist: Mikael Stavöstrand
Title: My Moon EP


A: Dark Side of My Moon – The A side starts up with a melancholic epos, with punchy kicks, baselines and lush melodies Stavöstrand uses his whole palette to make this into a late night floor filler, growing and growing.

B1: A Little Light – Deep mean bases roaming with small funky beats and melodies. A bit of the trademark for this ep. Continuing the melancholic theme.

B2: I’m Down – Straight to the funk, rubbery baselines pushes the track forward with a kind of acidy sound, with freaky small details popping up where you don’t expect them. A must for the daring dj’s.

some words about the ep..

Electric Indigo
“4 von 5 Punkten
Super B Seite. Beats & Soundästhetik gefallen mir sehr!
plays B1 B2
charts it in a middle position”

De:Bug, Bleed 5/5
“Mitek-Macher hat ein neues Label und das erinnert mich vom ersten Release an auf skurrile Weise an Jaceks Label. Deepe verspielte Grooves mit viel Geschichte im Nacken, viel Raum sich selber all das ausprobieren zu lassen, was auf den anderen Labeln zuoft aufgrund eines engen Stylkorsetts vernachlässigt wird. Sich einfach mal gehen lassen, aber in eine Richtung die unbestimmt ist, unbestimmbar bleiben will und damit so phantastische, konsequente und verspielte Epen wie “Dark Side Of My Moon” ermöglicht. “A Little Light” auf der Rückseite ist soetwas wie die Andeutung eines Ravetracks, der sich selber nie erfüllen kann und für “I’m Down” geht es tief in den Funk der Synthgräben. Feine und sehr abenteuerliche EP.”

Sunset Diskos– Deep and funky minimal techno label from Mikael
Stavöstrand. Presents it second release with a four tracker from our man in Los Angeles. A bit different from what you usually hear from this guy and for sure funky and chrunchy:

Artist: *[a]pendics.shuffle
Title: *Framed and DeFamed


Framed and DeFamed starts off with a minimal, deep and clever melodic affair „It’s In The Eyes”, evolving as slowly as it should .. into the next step with a bit deeper touch „In Charge“.

The flip side continues with „About to be“ pushing the groove to the max before we find Mikael Stavöstrand taking „In Charge“ forward into deep minimal techno terrains including lots of small crunchy rythms , deep vocals and a serious groove.

[a]pendics.shuffle, aka.Kenneth James Gibson,a man of many personas. Keeping up with him can be a time consuming, yet rewarding venture into sound. As soon as you think you know him
and can grasp what’s going on, he puts on yet another mask and becomes something else. Always a surprise and never a let down, he gives us what we want but don’t expect. A rare stone in today’s musical climate, Ken is rolling and collects no moss.