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Sushitech News May

..:: Sushitech Newsletter May 2006 #2 ::..



SUSH02 – Hake Lavasu EP

The second release on the label presents the more minimal/experimental way on the project. It‘s a V/A record that combines tracks from artists like Molair, Arnaud Le Texier, Yossi ämoyal, Daniel Fritschi and Autómata. The first track was written by a new group from northern France called Molair. Bern (Traum Schallplatten/Underline) and Tez start with a very solid, minimal and atmospheric track that also feels very sensual. On the a2 Arnaud Le Texier and Yossi ämoyal present another ambient project from their new hypnotic deep style that already got attention from their first tracks on Safari Electronique. On the flip Daniel Fritschi of Level Recordings present the “Interposition” a very smart, deep logic track that flow with synth chords and deep beats all over the way. Post-IDM and minimal textures is the best words to describe the last track on the vinyl, smart, crispy and crunchy beats that flow on the very deep background sounds made with pads work and lot of soul. A short outro wrote by Yossi ämoyal also placed on this vinyl. that’s in goal to make this vinyl be effective on the more atmospheric moments at the club and for home listening and relaxed deep minimal sets as one. Hake Lavasu and logic music by Sushitech. *Download free Video-Clip of Molair – La Linea

Sushitech Purple:-

SUSHP02 – Phil Stumpf/Reynold EP (inc. Magda Remix)

Phil Stumpf and Reynold work under the Duplex 100 project together to present a new record on Sushitech Purple, this time each in his own way. The A side belongs to Phil and is more dark and groovy with the tracks “Eleven” and “Junior Warp”. Phil shows some excellent, lush synth work, Warm pads and driven’ friendly beats will be brilliant bedrocks for deep minimal techno sets. Sam AKA Reynold presents “For House” on the B side; minimal dubby house that has a lot of emotion and feeling. With a remix made by Magda (Minus) this record becomes more various and creative and gives the player more mind in the music. Minimalist music by Sushitech Purple.


You can hear previews on Sushitech’s website


SUSH03 – Koljah – LeckerKuchen EP (inc. Mikael Stavöstrand Remix) + MP3 Remix by Mikael Stavoöstrand.

Koljah is another promising talent from Berlin who joined the Sushitech family after his first release on Phil-E, This release got support from all the leading DJ’s in the scene like Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Magda and lots more… This second release of Koljah and the third release on Sushitech built from 4 tracks…the A side open’s with long and deep track that gets hypnotic and bouncy and will stick each person on the dance floor thinking and dancing at the same time – its just a perfect example of how stirring techno cuts need to be built.
On the same side, second track, Koljah shows us some hypnotic work again using a metronome groove that will stick in your mind and take you on a perfect minimalistic trip.
On the flip we get a remix from Mikael Stavöstrand (Contexterrior, Mitek) that take LeckerKuchen his way to create an amazingly deep track using the simply finest minimal techno production! The last track on this record is basically a continuation of ‘My Room’ with the same dry drums and freaky beats! This is THE must have record for minimal techno djs of today… Sushitech 03!

Sushitech Purple:-

SUSHP03 – Miss Fitz – She Has No Legs (inc. Ryan Crosson/Spasm Remixes) + MP3 Remix by Munit and Original Track by Lady Fitz.

This 3rd release on the Sushitech Purple label show’s us that there are still new unique producers who are capable of writing good minimal music without using trance or rave-influenced elements like most of the music found under the ‘minimal’ genre. Miss Fitz, DJ and producer from Berlin start’s this record with a nice introduction that open’s us the door to her world; digital, quirky sounds that speak straight to your mind and stop your breath just for a second before the story begins. On the A2 Side of the record Miss Fitz delivers a great minimal track with bleeping sounds that will take you through her mind to tell you her story…Don’t miss it! This is one of the tracks that you have to listen to in order to understand the plot behind it. Still on the same side, Fitz gets a bit darker with ‘Like The Tick’; a much more mysterious and druggy track that gets an amazing remix by Ryan Crosson of Minus and Trapez on the flip. There you will find also the remix of Spasm from Ultrakurt (together with Cabanne) that takes this record to the highest level of minimal techno!

03 DIGITAL RELEAES (Exclusive on Beatport and Kompakt-mp3) – Sushitech is very proud to be part of the digital world and to show support for all the new generation of digital DJ’s.

SUSHD02 – E. Bridge – Inmigrante EP

” I think this EP is all about using clean sounds as frontal as possible. Every sound is there, clean, dry and ready to be heard. The usual house structure solved with unusual sounds. Tricky changes, stops and turns as a way of catching the absent-minded listener. I always thought music is about stimulating people, I hope this EP can do it.

‘Deco Love’ works as an introduction to my new alias (E. Bridge) sound. Organic textures and latin percussion. Tons of bleeps and hits randomly appearing over the kick and bass, plus a bending and unstable melody. ‘Territorializacion’ is probably the dance floor track on the EP, more aggressive and liner than the previous one. Persistent groove up to the end, cross fading with my own processed voice stammering non-sense words. Finally comes ‘Mediatarde’; a quirky start slowly developing into groove. Smooth female voices over IDM melody. A sweet track to say goodbye. ”

04 EXTRA STUFF – We have a new sub label < Pariter > check our website – You will soon be able to purchase Sushitech t-shirts through our website. – Sushitech on MySpace – Download exclusive video-clip of Molair – La Linea from our website!