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Rhythm & Sound 45 Session ft. Tikiman: 27.04.2006


RHYTHM & SOUND 45” Session ft. tikiman
(basic channel/ first UK date for 1 year)
(Don Letts & Dan Donovan)
DJ DISTANCE (Planet Mu / Rotten Funk)
BAZRAH (Hyponik)
DOWNSHIFTER (Tyke/ Hyponik)

Venue: Neighbourhood Club, 12 Acklam Road, Ladbroke Grove, W10 5JU
Cost: £10 on the door// // Times: 8pm – 2am

A journey through the sublime sounds of sonic dub …
Mesmerised by the groove state, a snare shot, soaked in digital delay, ricochets into the air above your head, decaying slowly over an insistent, throbbing sub sonic bass line that drives deep into your body. Dub creates a hypnotic beat, building a tension until it breaks….hide the children – Dublime is loose

RHYTHM & SOUND ft. tikiman

Basic Channel has become synonymous with a brand of stripped-down, ultra-minimal techno almost devoid of musical substance or intent. Both artist and label, Basic Channel was established by Berlin-based producers Mark Ernestus and Moritz Von Oswald (aka Maurizio) in 1993, and the pair have unhurriedly developed a slim but adored catalog of releases under such names as Cyrus, Phylyps, q1.1, Quadrant, Octagon, and Radiance—working a single-minded concept of nearly featureless machine music. Hailing from Berlin the collectives rare live performances guarantees a packed club with revellers travelling from across the globe. Joined by the mesmerising vocals and ambience of Tikiman the sound that Rhythm and Sound delivers is second to none and truly inspirational to present and future generations.
Dub Legends Don Letts and Dan Donovan provide the foundations of dub while Downshifter and Bazrah bring forth the future sounds of this ever evolving musical genre. And what better place to hold a dub night than in the heart of West London at the Neighbourhood nightclub, a fresh Funktion 1 sound system with truly sublime surroundings.

DON LETTS & DAN DONOVAN (Dub Cartel Sound System)

Don Letts and Dan Donovan need no introduction. They are true pioneers of the dub sound and were integrally involved in the West London Sound system generation. Don is cited as introducing the dub sound to the sex pistols and the punk scene in the 70’s and is highly respected for his music documentaries on the likes of the Clash, Bob Marley, Lee Perry and his latest creation the Punks Sound Check.
Dan Donovan is best known for his work as the Keyboard player in Big Audio Dynamite who became one of the first bands to combine rock with reggae, hip-hop beatbox rhythms and high-tech samplings and has had releases via Creation, Virgin and Columbia.


Downshifter aka Matt Hyponik has been pushing the new sound of dubstep for many years and is founder of the Hyponik organisation which specialises in the exposure of underground music and talent promoting leading labels and organisations in the city such as Warp, Haywire, FWD and many more. Matt has worked for the Fabric nightclub, Source Recods, Leyline and leading electronica event promoters Lumin. Matt also runs Tyke Records, a label that blurs the line between electronics and bass.
Bazrah aka Bara O’ Luain joined the Hyponik ranks in 2005 and has since become a key figure in pushing the underground sounds of London. Barry originates from Ireland and has been exporting the dubstep sound to the many techno producers of the land.


Dj Distance is unique in every sense. With a background of heavy industrial rock and thrash metal his sound is becoming revered as the darkest sound in dubstep. With a pile of releases under his belt via labels such as Hotflush, Scud, Destructive and Planet Mu this plays homage to his truly individual musical talent. With guest Dj appearances on Radio 1, Kiss FM and a residency on Rinse FM his sound is spreading like wild fire especially with the nod of approval from the likes of Andrew Weatherall, Radioactiveman, Stanton Warriors and Rob Da Bank. Dj Distance is a star in the making and homage to the cultural melting pot that is London.


Croydon’s Skream has had a massive impact on dubstep since he first appeared in Hatcha sets three or four years ago. Skream is one of the main producers of the scene with his roots going back to the Big Apple Record Shop in Croydon, one of the main catalysts behind the dubstep genre. He now records for Tempa and the recent track “Midnight Request Line” has sent shock waves throughout the grime scene and made many ears prick up from various corners of the music industry.