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Mixes: Minimal / Techno

Chris Box: Grey Skies and Blue Buildings
Sept ‘06

A special mix featuring tracks taken exclusively from netlabel releases and mixed on Serato Scratch. For more info on the netlabels and releases click on the label links in the tracklisting

Level: Bonus2 (Polymorphic)
Freund der Familie: Clemens hat Demenz (Aeronautique)
Jambi: Jambaike (Textone)
Ali Khan: You Are Multidimensional (Clever)
Butane: Why don’t you just fart into the Microphone (Unfoundsound)
J-Lab: Plugged in (Motronic)
Miss Fitz: 11Mistakes (NetaudioLondon)
Gyges: 4.44.444 (Archipel)
Ty: Puresinewavemix (Mindnet)
Koljah: Err9ism (Minlove)
Seuil: Copshen Gurtz Remix 2 (Igloo)
Slick: 491 (Flumo)
Mikael Stavöstrand: Steady (Textone)
GummiHz: Feedback (Plex Records)
Matt Jackson: Man at Arms (Tropic)
George S: Frozen (Igloo)
Bern: Aleatoire (Indigomagenta):
Level: Lande (Polymorphic)

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Chris Box: Spring Sale
Spring ‘06

A deep, dark mix of stripped back house, dub and techno grooves…

Monolake: Plumbicon (Rebreather Mix) Imbalance
Tom Ellis: Driver Problems (Leif’s Re-installation Edit) Trimsound
Alka_Rex: Emitter Mille Plateaux
Pheek: I got a crush on Bambi Leftroom
Jason Emsley: Function PLatzhirsch
N.S.I.: Clara Ghavami (extended) Cadenza
Butane: All out of ice Rrrygular / Rhythm & Sound: Ruff Way Burial Mix
Andy Vaz: Places & People change Persistence Bit
M-Core: Be Gene Ifach
Jeff Samuel & Jay Haze: B2 Contexterrior
Daniel Bell: Science Fiction Tresor
Jerome y Alex: Amarillo Mantequilla CMYK
Dandy Jack & the Junction SM: Guerra de las Estrellas Perlon
Ryan Crosson: Airborne Telegraph
Benjamin Wild: Ausklang Perlon
Katzo: Disconsolate Multi Vitamins
Someone Else: Fresh Air Nummer / Rhythm & Sound: We been Troddin Burial Mix
Deadbeat: Abu Ghraib [Tension Dub] Scape
The Magician & the Scientist: 2001 Fenou

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The run resident with a blend of minimal beats recorded in November 2005…

Chris Box – November 2005 mix


Ricardo Villalobos: Bahaha Hahi Playhouse
Chic Miniature: Ruta 36 Raum…Musik
Andy Vaz: Inscrutable Insects Background
Leif: Sleep Pyschosis Morris Audio Citysport Edition
Mark Henning: 1471 Freude Am Tanzen
Todd Bodine: Vanish Tresor
Andy Vaz: 01.1 6-6 [re-] Visited Background
Microesfera: Triangulo Mule Electronic
J Hunsberger: Got It Coming Revolver
Sweet n Candy: Saltlick CT Regular
Hemmann + Kaden: Walk Milnor Modern
J Hunsberger: Julys Wet Dream [Movement Remix] Mutek
Akufen: My Way [Cabanne remix] Force Inc
Tomas Jirku: Turn Klang Elektronik
Pendle Coven: X Marks the Sample Modern Love
James Taylor: Recto Verso Logistic
Fark: Steffi Contexterrior
Skugge & Stavöstrand: Friday Mission Onitor
2 Dollar Egg: Graphit Klang Elektronik
Anders Ilar: ADay Ago Narita

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Chris Box: Minimal London mix

This is a mix recorded in May 2005 for the minimal london event with it’s sights set firmly on the dancefloor.

This is a darker and pacier mix featuring tracks from Ryan Crosson, Alex Under, Swat Squad, Troy Pierce, Repeat Repeat, Jay Haze, Sleeparchive, J Hunsberger, Someone Else…

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