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Franco Cangelli

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Born and raised in Gent, Belgium with a pair of firm Italian roots. Spent his childhood dreaming of interstellar voyage, alien invasion and skies filled with colony spaceships… side effects of a daily overdose of television-infused sci-fi images.

He first came in contact with electronic music in his childhood, right in the middle of the breakdance craze, backspinnin’, body poppin’, to the electro boogie of Grandmaster Flash, Africa Bambaataa, Jonzun Crew… Needless to say, he got infected by the electro bug at an early age.

By the end of the 80’s, Belgium came under the New Beat spell, which opened up an entirely new world, directly followed by the first insidious acid tunes. Franco has always been influenced by the more atmospheric, either moody or darker tunes. So when Detroit techno arrived at the scene, his mind completely absorbed the deeper techno vibes from artists like Carl Craig, Juan Atkins, Dan Curtin... But it didn’t stop there. AFX, Autechre and other seminal artists who pushed the envelope even more, irrevocably shaped his mind to the more experimental side of electronic music, coming from labels like Warp, Skam, Rephlex...

All of these influences define what Franco Cangelli is musically all about. His djing skills and production work cover different styles to satisfy his incessant need for further musical exploration.
As a dj, he can spin dark and minimal electro, experimental electronica, deep detroitish techno, minimal techno and clicks’n’cuts. But his favourite spinning styles at the moment are minimal techno and electronica.

A typical minimal set for him includes relentless bleeps and clicks, dysfunctional melodies and jacking beats, spiced up with some deep Detroit techno, acidic tunes and bleep techno. Electronica-wise, he has an extensive collection of ambient, chill electronics and idm to choose from, to build up a nice colourful canvas of experimental soundscapes and beats.

As a producer, his production is aimed at channeling deep emotional content through deep and minimal techno, experimental or dark electronica, or any other style that suits its purpose. He released his first ep, called Spectre on the Belgian imprint Toys For Boys, a second ep, Something In My Drink, on the London Sushitech label for an mp3-only release. A third EP will also hit the shelves in the near future on Sushitech , which will deliver some deep minimal and experimental techno.


  • Spectre Ep (Toys For Boys Records) 12”
  • Something In My Drink Ep (Sushitech Digital) Mp3
  • Sushitech Err9r Various Artists (Minlove) Mp3

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