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frivolous live at run


As a school teacher, it seemed easiest to link the unconventional behavior of Daniel Gardner to a learning disability; prooving to be the first in a series of failed attempts to categorize this indefinable young artist.

Grades were always mediocre at best for the young suburban Vancouverite, until one semester a mysterious new course emerged into a normally less than progressive curriculum;
Electronic Music Composition. Suddenly discovered were honor roll grades, and a means to merge a captive young mind with over a decade of communist-style classical piano training. In 1996, won over by unified dance floors and the Detroit sound, the 16 year old Frivolous engages in a long term love affair with the loop and takes his first weekly residency at a downtown Vancouver afterhours. After two successfully directionless years in electronics and then design, and after dabbling with some white label releases, Daniel decides to put his pride aside and send out a demo. A CD of incomplete works were sent out as an experiment to 5 of the most technologically innovative 12” labels in Germany and received back were 3 requests to release the material.

“I told Andy [Vaz] that the work wasn’t finished, and the
day I received his reply was the day that the test pressings arrived for the Crankkongestion EP (Background Records), it’s just been a chain reaction since then.” Today, after a long
evolution in his sound, Daniel’s recording alter-ego Frivolous captures a romantekly influenced montage of the most cutting edge production technics with an old soul mentality. Along side his extremely bizarre performances, is the incorporation of classic instruments, home-made inventions and vocals into an environment built on experiments with glitchy cut-up funk, musique actuelle and found sound.



Kevork Motion EP Background Records
The Impermiable Disguise EP Karloff Rekordings
Buffet Haraja Karloff Rekordings
XXX EP Proptronix
Slinky/XXX EP (MP3) Epsilonlab
Somewhere In The Suburbs Karloff Rekordings
Coquitlam BC EP Karloff Rekordings
Whonnock BC EP Karloff Rekordings
The Romantek EP Karloff Rekordings
The Forty Inch EP Background Records
The Crankkongestion EP Background Records

Compilations Appearances

Fredrick Cokanose, THE WIRE Mark B Festival Sampler The Wire
Slinky Internationalist, Sleeman’s Brewery Compilation
Y’a Pas Grand Chose, The Paul Piche Remixes Jajou Productions
Slinky Internationalist Cafe Melies Vol.3
Voices Thru Harmonium Spex Magazine Sampler
Kisses (In Swing Time) Mutek-04
Things That Happen [To You] Cafe Melies Vol.2
Welfare Fraud Remix, SV 6-6 Soundvariation
Polokolipt (Friendly Fe-lion mix), Night Owls 2 Comp Deluxe Records
Toaster, Telephone, Coffee Maker, Microwave, Domestic Appliances Comp. Medik Records



Frivolous [live] at runsounds 26.03.2005

Frivolous [dj] at runsounds spacial 09.10.2005

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