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steevio and suzybee live at run

Steevio’s involvement in electronic dance music goes back to the early 1980’s, when Steevio, and the UK’s first Electrofunk DJ Stesh opened the first U.K. Electro/ Breakdance club, ‘The Sidewalk’, in Newcastle. At the same time he formed the band ‘Acid’, which used Electro beats, and live bass, using the tripped out effects of the Roland 501 Space-echo. Acid played live in huge warehouse parties in Newcastle from 1983 – 1985.

Later Steevio became heavily involved in the Free Festival/Traveller movement, which helped to develop the underground dance music scene in the UK in the late Eighties and early Nineties.

When Steevio moved back to his native North East in 1991, where he co-organised huge techno warehouse parties and in 1994, formed his first techno label Roost Records.

The agenda for Roost was to release quality techno of no particular genre, which explains the diversity of the original releases. The Roland 303 and 909 featured heavily on some releases, in a sort of tribal-acid crossover, but by 1996 the sound was becoming distinctly more minimal, and funky.

In 1997, Steevio teamed up with Mark Harrington of Kinetec Records in London, to form the Torque label. After being responsible for the first three releases of ‘Machine-Funk’ and gaining much respect in the underground scene in the UK, he moved on to concentrate on his ‘Mindtours’ project. This was the name he used as an artist for releases on other labels, culminating in the formation of the Mindtours label in 2000.

After spending 9 years living in the city, Steevio decided it was time for a change once again, and moved to the mountains of Wales, and began producing more experimental and deeper music.

Steevio’s current style is hard to pinpoint, as it is constantly evolving, but the aspects which stand out can mostly be attributed to his use of analogue equipment, and the fact that he records everything live. Rather than following the current trend of software synthesis, he has continued developing his complex analogue set-up, combining this with computer sequencing, which has resulted in his sound being defined by it’s live, organic and warm nature.

Steevio is also a firm believer in the healing power of music, and is very focussed on the harmonic content of his tunes, while Steevio’s rhythmic style is awash with polyrhythmic textures, and avoids heavy dependence on 4/4. The result is a minimal sound which has flavours of deep techno, broken beat, jazz, and is distinctly tribal and funky.
Steevio’s style may be experimental, but he also believes in accessibility, and always has the dance floor in mind.

Steevio [live] at runsounds 15.10.2005