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Stavöstrand & Skugge

Mikael Stavöstrand

mikael stavöstrand live at run

Mikael is working on a few different releases for 2005. First out he and fellow Johan Skugge have teamed up again for a bunch of releases for our friends at Onitor – it starts with �ngel EP in the end of February, which will be followed with Humla CD in April and finaly Gr�ns EP in May—(busy).

Also our new “supergroup” Bulgur Brothers, consisting of Mikael, Johan Skugge and Andreas Tilliander will finally be available on vinyl. Unfortunatly not until the fall though. DSP (Italy) are releasing Jaffa EP, with three minimal, freaky and funky clubtracks.

Mikael is also finishing his new very minimal and organic Ep for mitek, due for release in mid April. A deep wax for the edgy danceflooors. A new full length album will also see the light after the summer, not yet clear on which label though, as well as a bunch of EP’s and compilations on a wide variety of labels.
Stavöstrand, the founder of Mitek, has been featured as a key figure of the Swedish electronic music scene for his unique interpretations of club techno as well as for producing some of the most essential experimental electronic music of the past year. Over the past years has he performed in North America, Europe and Japan.
Stavöstrand mixes deconstructed sounds with funky little beats to create minimal dance textures. On his debut album on Force Inc., “Reduce”, swarms of glitches, crackles and skips infiltrate the 4/4 drive formula of minimal techno. As Vita, his “Vita” 12” on Force Inc. imprint Force Labs was to meet critical praise and became one of the best selling releases with its digitalized organic groove.



N/A 12”, mitek [S] 2005 – upcoming

Ena CD/DLP, Force Inc. [D] 2001

Vita 12”, Force Labs [D] 2001

Discography – Mikael Stavöstrand [excerpt]

Jaffa EP 12”, Karat [FR] 9.2005 – as Bulgur Brothers

Mosquito Morpher 12”, DSP [IT] 09.2005

N/A 12”, Serie Culture [D/UK] – as Skugge&Stavöstrand, upcoming

N/A 12”, mitek [S] – upcoming

Gr�ns EP 12”, Onitor [D] 2005 – as Skugge&Stavöstrand

Humla CD, Onitor [D] 2005 – as Skugge&Stavöstrand

�ngel EP 12”, Onitor [D] 2005 – as Skugge&Stavöstrand

Formula mp3, textone [D/US] 2004

Jay Haze vs. Mikael Stavöstrand 12”, Contexterrior [D/US] 2004

Rheinsberger EP 12”, Onitor [D] 2004 – as Skugge&Stav�strand

Lite remixed 12”, mitek [S] 2003

Format 12”, Klitekture [E] 2003

Reduce CD/DLP, Force Inc. [D] 2001

Lite CD, mitek [S] 2000

Remixes and Compilations

Fenin – Thrill (Pink Planet remix by Mikael Stav�strand) 12”, Shitkatapult [D] 2005

Johan Skugge feat. Laura Delicata – Decadence EP 12”, mitek [S] 11.2004

Sophie Rimheden – H2-FI, Hi-Fi Remixes 12”, mitek [S] 09.2004

V/A – Industrial Cool, 23Hz [SE] 2004

V/A – Collecteana DVD, [SE] 2003

V/A – mitek: process CD, mitek [S] 2003

Rechenzentrum – Einzelteile 12”, Data Error [D] 2004

H�kan Lidbo – 06.10.60 EP 12”, mitek [S] 2005 – upcoming

Tennis – Furlines CD, bip-hop [F] 2003

Random Inc. – Walking in Jerusalem DLP, Mille Plateaux [D] 2002

V/A – OFFF03 CD, Red [ES] 2003

V/A – Soundcultures CD + Book, Mille Plateaux [D] 2003

Goem – Gast CD, Mutek [CAN] 2002

V/A – Clicks & Cuts 3 CD/DLP, Mille Plateaux [D] 2002

V/A – Clicks & Cuts 2 CD/DLP, Mille Plateaux [D] 2001

V/A – Mutek 2001 CD, Mutek [CAN] 2001

V/A – Reslab CD, mitek [S] 2001

V/A – Tigerbeat Inc. CD, Tigerbeat6 [US] 2001

V/A – bip-hop 5 CD, bip-hop [F] 2002

V/A – circle0 CD, Fylkingen Records [S] 2002

V/A – Leap CD, Quiet Records [J] 2002

V/A – Between Two Points DCD, 12k [US] 2001

V/A – Soundart CD + Book, Phono Suecia [S] 2002

V/A – Nature is Perverse CD, Fylkingen Records [S] 1999


Fakezine [MK] Interview in english

Loop [CL] Interview in spanish and english

Johan Skugge

johan skugge live at run

Johan Skugge has been working with music for 15 years and has been active in the field of electronic music during the last five. With the prior Album release under his own name �Objects and Buildnings� (Source) he made himself a name at the Swedish minimal techno scene associated with international renowned Swedish artists such as Andreas Tilliander and Mikael Stav�strand. Skugge also has a thick list of collaborations with well known characteres in the Swedish experimental technno/art/experimental music scene.
He has a close collaboration with the internationally successful “pop star” Jay Jay Johanson. The collaboration consists, outside Skugge touring with Johanson all over the world, of Johansons contributions to Skugges next album �Volume�.. On the tours together with Johanson, Skugge also usually plays as support act.
Skugge was also a member of wellknown Swedish Rock bands “Yvonne”, Rockmonster” and “Harlem” before he started to focus on his solo music.
Later in early 2005 two 12” and a CD in collaboration with Mikael Stav�strand will be released on the german label Onitor.


Jaffa EP 12”, Karat [FR] 9.2005 – as Bulgur Brothers

N/A 12”, DSP [IT] 2005

N/A 12”, Serie Culture [D/UK] – as Skugge&Stav�strand, upcoming

Gr�ns EP 12”, Onitor [D] 2005 – as Skugge&Stav�strand

Humla CD, Onitor [D] 2005 – as Skugge&Stav�strand

�ngel EP 12”, Onitor [D] 2005 – as Skugge&Stav�strand

Volume CD/DLP, mitek [S] 2005

Decadence EP 12”, mitek [S] 2004

Rheinsberger EP 12”, Onitor [D] 2004 – as Skugge&Stav�strand

Quarters EP 12”, mitek [S] 2003

Objects and Buildings CD/DLP, Source Records [D] 2002

Remixes and Compilations – Excerpt

Sophie Rimheden – H2-FI, Hi-Fi Remixes CD, mitek [S] 10.2004

V/a – Mitek:Process CD, mitek [S] 2003

Quotes & Reviews:

� ..elegant and meticulously constructed dance music forays. � Ron Schepper, Textura [CA]

� ..echoes with the ghosts of Disco.. � Music For Robots [US]

� ..this album has a very advisable and attractive formula.. � Guillermo Escudero, LOOP [CL]

� no 1, Headspace Ten 01/24/05 � Headspace/ KXLU 88.9 FM, Los Angeles [US]

� ..Basic Channel-style techno fans and house music heads alike will take pleasure in this first surprisingly sharp release of 2005. � Gary Suarez, Brainwashed [US]

Stav�strand & Skugge [live] at runsounds 10.09.2005