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Born in 1975 my first musical activity was beating on my parent’s pots in the kitchen as a little child. So rhythm seemed to be really important for me. My parents should have known I wanted to play the drums, but they didn’t – and sent me to learn melodica and accordion as a little child – which I really didn’t appreciate. It made me hate music- school at least.

When I was about 14 Years old I had the possibility to learn the Drums at the youth centre of my neighbourhood. I got addicted and so finally I got my Mother to buy me a drum set. Over the next years I played in lots of Rock and Metal Bands before I started to visit hated music – school again to get deeper into rhythm and drumming. This opened the world of Jazz and also Classical music for me, and I spend lots of time in playing in several Jazz and Rock projects and also in the orchestra or just jamming with friends.

My first drastic experience with electronic Music was in the early nineties at a party some friends took me when I was about 18 Years old. Since this time I wasn’t interested in Techno or similar sounds. The atmosphere and energy of the monotonic beats simply blew me away, from this time on I always thought about starting Djing. It took a long time (till 2000) till I bought my first turntables and started spinning records on parties I organised with a couple of friends in my hometown. This at least was the thing I felt really comfortable with.

I finally moved to Berlin and got myself a little studio and started producing my own music. I don’t really like to describe my music inside a specific genre – for me it has always been Techno music so far and I just want to make Techno music. To think in genres is building borders and killing creativity in my opinion. I’m no purist – as music itself my taste is always under development.
Same counts for my Dj Sets which can include various styles of Techno and House music. I’m bored of sets that stick in only one style of music. I like variety and surprise – but not disposal. I just want to play the music I like and be on a nice journey with the audience and dancers.



I.L.M.B.I.B. / My Room (Phil E) (2005)
Leckerkuchen (Sushitech) (2006)
Fett Cash EP (Vidab Records) (2007)
Loops For Work (Sushitech) (2007)


Mikael Stavöstrand – Housedays (Sushitech) (2007)

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