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Yossi Amoyal

Music has always been an integral part of my life. At home from an early age itís always been about music. My father was a trumpet player and my older brother is a classic piano player and a composer. At the age of seven I started to playing on the drums, I played mostly rock music to start with and this gave me another take on the music world.

I first got in to electronic music when I was about 15 years old. This was after hearing the sounds of Kraftwerk and The Orb, I was blown away by it. It was a desire to share my passion for music and with other people that got me in to djing. Iíve never wanted to be a big ďDJĒ or someone that everybody knows. I just like to do my own thing and share my passion with people.

From early on I was playing a lot of deep music, it was much more interesting for me than the other genres around. The sound I go for has always been ďundergroundĒ Iíve never felt the mainstream music, its hard for me to hear music that someone made with the sole intention of cash. From an artists point of view I must understand the artist and hear soul in the music and the process the artist has undergone. After a couple of yearís djing I started to produce music. I was fortunate to work with some very special artists. This has been a great inspiration for me and these artists still inspire me today, Hanan Revivo and Nir Tsfati, they always help me to understand myself better and they make me feel better with myself as producer.

I have played and produced music in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Iíve also been one of the editors on Jerusalem radio 101fm. In 2004 I opened a record label, Sushitech, with my friend Matt du Jardin, we have similar visions for the label. Our goal for the label is to release the music that we love, music that artist has written from the soul. Itís all about what are we feeling at the moment.

In October 2006 we lunched a new label called Pariter – The sound of this label will be dedicated to a more aggresive technoish sound than Sushitech and for us itís just another tool to release our feelings of music. Together with my friends – the artists on Sushitech and Pariter we will try to take this techno world weíre into one step further.

Iím currently living in Berlin, working in the studio and trying to play my thoughts and feelings in to the music, Iím working with friends, Sushitech/Pariter artists who are helping me to find another side of myself. With these kind of various callobaretions between us, we share ideas and try to create something new. As an artist and DJ Iím always trying to find new styles. Iím doing everything that I can feel. Thereís always something that is inspiring me to do the things Iím doing and feeling.



Between The Same EP (Safari Electronique) (2005)
Samstag EP (Safari Electronique) (2005)
Hake Lavasu (Sushitech) (2006)
Bubble Drum EP (Pariter) (2007)


Luka & Lazo Ė MidEvil Disko E.P (Moís Ferry Prod.) (2005)
Gustavo Lamas Ė Salidas EP (Safari Electronique) (2005)
John Fotmeijer Ė Caps ĎNí Cans (Kailash) (2006)

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