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Jug & Ben Rourke

jug & ben

Jug and Ben Rourke are originally from Sydney, Australia.

This is where they first developed a love for electronic music towards the end of the nineties. After a few years of collecting and playing records locally, both decided to move to London.

London has been their base for the past 18 months, which has given them the opportunity to play alongside of people such as Jay Haze, Quenum, Zip and Lump, just to name a few.

Also being heavily involved in the London minimal crew, playing at weekly and monthly parties such as Guerrilla Lime & Soda, minimal london, Multi Vitamins, Run, Laconik, modern, i love aki and of course Digital Beanbag.

Jug & Ben Rourke [dj] at run – Sunday Spacial 09.10.2005

Ben Rourke [dj] at runsounds 10.09.2005

Jug [dj] at runsounds 16.07.2005

Jug & Ben Rourke [dj] at runsounds 13.11.2004