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Jerome Hill

jerome at run

Jerome got his turntables in 1990 after being inspired by the pirate radio sounds of London. He began buying hip hop, house, breakbeat and early European techno.
In 1994 he hooked up with infamous London soundsystem JIBA and further developed his scratching and mixing style for which he has now become known.

Always making an effort to be original and different he began getting booked by London promoters and has played alongside many of techno’s great innovators including Landstrumm, Rother, Forshaw and Subhead… Drawing influences (in his techno sets) from the Chicago sound of Relief and Dancemania combined with the no-school sound of Brighton and Edinburgh and finished off with a healthy dose of hedonistic party-rocking butress-beats, he plays a mixture of everything encompassing all techno strains, HipHop, ragga, Old hardcore and everything in between…all with a SPECIAL twist and never losing the flow !! Was recently given a mention in DJ magazine’s top 100 DJ’s 2003 by fellow Londoners Chris Liberator and Dave the Drummer as someone to definitely watch out for.

A very versatile DJ, he is equally at home playing sets of techno, breaks, fat soul, hiphop, ragga, electro, old skool, house, comedy electronica or rock n roll, but more often than not, you’ll hear a set geared towards the music policy of the night with influences and random party tracks thrown in the blender from most if not all of the above.

He is resident DJ at UGLYFUNK club night now based in London and plays around the world in countries like Brazil, Spain, France, Poland, and Venezuela as well as up and down the UK. When he`s not gigging he plays every weekend at London warehouses for soundsystems (Bedlam, Manik, Black Sheep, Restless Natives etc.)

He managed London`s “Trackheads” and “Dragon Discs” record shops in Camden Town for 7 years, specialising in techno and electro, until leaving the UK in early 2004 for Brasil where he now lives, making regular trips back to Europe.

Jerome is half of GROOVE ASYLUM, (the other half being Rob Stow) who featured on DON`T 001+002 and a host of other labels. They also play live PA`s, and Jerome could be found keeping the crowd guessing what`s coming next on London soundsystems every weekend, but is currently spreading his ‘musical seed’ across Brasil as part of his mission to keep discovering and promoting new, interesting and outlandish music.

D I S C O G R A P H Y (in no particular order):

UBER003_____________GROOVE ASYLUM
YOLK005_____________DRUMMER & JEROME
ARTEFACT002_________ARTEFACT ,scratches by JEROME HILL
DONT001_____________GROOVE ASYLUM
DONT002_____________GROOVE ASYLUM
DONT008_____________feat GROOVE ASYLUM
DONT010_____________feat JEROME HILL remix
VICTIM005____________feat JEROME HILL & LuSINda

Jerome Hill [dj] at runsounds 2nd Birthday 11.11.2006