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barem live at runsounds

Mauricio Barembuem (a.k.a. Barem) of Buenos Aires, Argentina, has been djing and producing since 2003.

A student of music since the age of 15, Barem’s love affair with music started with the guitar—playing mostly rock and blues in the beginning. Soon after, during a trip to Europe, he realized his own passion for minimal techno while visiting Berlin. He has been djing and producing ever since that vacation—now with several releases coming up on various labels.

Barem’s sound is accomplished, simplistically complex and ultra-heady. He fuses minimal concepts with a funky frame of mind. In short, Barem rocks..

  • Releases:

Kleine (MP3) Unfoundsound

  • Remixes:

Oslo (MP3) Oslo (Barem Remix) Sinergy Networks
WMD (12”) WMD (Barem Remix) Phonocult
Wooly Rustle (MP3) WMD (Barem’s Remix) Unfoundsound
World Web Trip 2005 (MP3) WMD (Barem Remix) Zerinnerung

  • Tracks Appear On:

PingŁinos EP (MP3) Foca Filtro
Unhappy Anniversary (MP3) Ochenta Hojas Secas Unfoundsound
Aires Buenos (MP3) Igloo Unfoundsound
min2MAX Extension (12”) Opal Minus
Unfound EP (12”) Three Tiny Trees Goosehound

Barem [live] at runsounds 24.06.2006