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fusiphorm live at run

Cyhl (pronounced “syl”) moved from France to the USA (Princeton, New Jersey) in December 1999.
Already a fan of electronic music for years and living with a dj roommate who was open to sharing his turntables, he bought his first vinyl records.
Two weeks later, he was already beatmatching with ease, and he played his first gig just a few months later at a local party in Trenton, New Jersey. The two roomates launched the Dreamlabz collective – rocking parties all over New Jersey with their unique mix of Dreamstalker’s drum&bass/2-step garage and Cyhl’s minimal techno/downtempo.

In 2001, thanks to Dreamstalker’s tireless drive to move forward, they decided to take the next step and transform Dreamlabz into a record shop in Trenton. The store front opened a few days before the September 2001 events in New York City, and was never able to take off, hit by the economical and moral crisis that followed. It closed after only a few months.

Meanwhile, Cyhl started a radio show on 103.3 FM WPRB, the acclaimed Princeton University radio station that can be heard from Philadelphia to New York City, and a netradio show on
flaresound (now netmusique). The radio show was entitled Silly Dreamz.
He rapidly caught the attention of several promoters which earned him frequent gigs in New York City—later leading to several DJ residencies. Audiences loved his ability to both rock a dancefloor with his pumping European-influenced minimal techno as well as to smoothing it out lounge-style with trip-hop and jazzy downtempo. At the same time, he became friends with Aaron Schultz (aka DRM), the head of Brooklyn’s premiere downtempo label, Bastard Jazz Recordings. Together they toured around the US—from San Diego, California, to Washington, DC, as well as France, Belgium and Germany.

But Cyhl remained very attached to the local scene in Princeton, New Jersey, throwing a bimonthly party called Mind Vibes at an underground student venue which quickly became a must-see event on campus.
Among the various guest DJs he invited from New York City and Philadelphia was Sean O’Neal (aka Someone Else)—a fine lad that Cyhl met during a Tuning Spork party in Philadelphia in 2002. They quickly became friends, guesting on each other’s radio show and simply hanging out sharing a similar love for music.
In 2003, together with Kate Iwanowicz (aka Miskate), they held the Pitchspork monthly party in Philadelphia—hosting artists such as Magda, Dennis DeSantis, Stewart Walker, Algorithm, Geoff White, Sammy Dee, Matthew Dear, Jake Fairley, Gregory Shiff and others. At this time, the foundsound trio (Kate, Sean and Cyhl) was born.

The first foundsound 12’’, Someone Else + Miskate’s “rip it cookie muenster ep”, was released in June 2004, and was immediately acclaimed for its innovative approach to minimalism that appeals to the dancefloor, yet remains experimental. It received playing time from Richie Hawtin, Steve Bug, Daniel Bell, Cabanne, John Peel (RIP) and many others. Since then, foundsound gained an exclusive pressing & distribution deal with Kompakt in the spring of 2005—hence releasing at a faster pace. Cyhl also engineered foundsound’s associated netlabel, unfoundsound, which was launched in November 2004. Through free monthly downloadable releases, unfoundsound offers exposition to up and coming artists. The success was immedate,
and unfoundsound’s downloads count is now well over 100,000. Cyhl made his production debut, under the Fusiphorm alias, on unfoundsound, along with several remixes and later his first ep, “the beast” which is a very personnal piece released in May 2005. The first Fusiphorm apparition on vinyl was a remix for Ultrakurt which appeared on the foundsound04 12’’ in September 2005.

Now back living in Marseille, France, Cyhl opened the foundsound European office in December 2005, while Sean and Kate still run the North American Philadelphia-based office. After the release of his debut foundsound 12’’ in January 2006—on which he asked himself existential questions about his own identity, the schedule of fusiphorm’s releases is now quite busy.

Although still available for DJ gigs, Fusiphorm has been performing live since July 2005. His live pa is a highly energetic minimal techno set, with influences ranging from house to electro and harder techno, and always includes a few surprises.


  • the blue family ep (12’’) – sushitech purple – september 2006
  • the lifetime ep (12’’) – schieber – april 2006
  • tionification ep (12’’) – plong! – march 13 2006
  • you am I ep (12’’) – foundsound – january 09 2006
  • the beast (mp3) – unfoundsound – march 15 2005

Remixes on:

  • ultrakurt – en short ep (12’’) – foundsound – september 2005
  • monta – disappointment (mp3) – unfoundsound – june 2005
  • tleilaxu – indisguise (mp3) – unfoundsound – february 2005
  • someone else – goofball ep (mp3) – unfoundsound – november 2004

Tracks appear on:

  • 2 loops – conversation loops vol. 1 (12’’) – conversation – march 2006
  • sushitech err9r (mp3) – minlove – february 2006
  • unhappy annniversary (mp3) – unfoundsound – november 15 2005
  • unfoundsound labelmix (mp3) – zerinnerung – december 2005
  • machines do it better (mp3) – year of the machine – june 2005

Forthcoming releases on these labels:
foundsound, unfoundsound, microcosm, goosehound, glückskind, plong!, sinergy networks, -n
and more…

Forthcoming remixes on these labels:
foundsound, unfoundsound, microcosm, esperanza, phlegmatek and more…

Fusiphorm [live] at runsounds 24.06.2006